It has been a long road traveled to get here, 20 years in pursuit of the dream to be precise.  It all began in Tijuana, where I was brought up in humble beginnings. I truly believe it has shaped my creative vision.  The tension that a border can create by its dynamic outburst and mish-mash of two cultures is absolutely like no other. To add a bit more depth to this creative outlook, skateboarding while roaming the streets of Tijuana allowed me to have a true connection with people and the urban landscape. The ocean was always there and my parents would take my brother and I every summer, on a road trip down Southern Baja to visit our grandmother. Surfing would later replace the skateboard and the desert would have an everlasting impact on my work.


During my first semester of human development at Cal State San Marcos, I was well on my way to become a counselor. However,  I realized I couldn't part from photography. At that point, I packed my things and took off to San Francisco to attend the Academy of Art. I obtained my BFA there and had multiple art exhibitions. I also interned with SF. Camerawork and David Maisel, in addition to having volunteered with SF.MoMa. Then I freelanced my way back to San Diego. It was then that I realized that grit from my childhood that makes my images so unique, it's still there.